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Service #: 2208
created on: July 25, 2022 8:11pm
Assigned Date:
Completed Date: November 23, 2022 8:49am
Routing: Not Assigned
Service Year: 2022
Service Total: $351.00

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Payment: Paid
Priority: No
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(816) 522-5649

8124 Clearwater,Kansas City,MO,64152
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Box Number: Owner
Payment: Paid
Removal: Not Assigned

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Assigned Date:
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Completed Date: November 23, 2022 8:49am

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Do Not Install Before: October 1, 2022
Install By: October 31, 2022

Product Details:

LED Lights
Color: NWW
Qty: 150
Customer Reports: Last week, when I was working from home a nice gentleman came to install my lights...they were left on my porch last year when taken down so I had them stored. Because I have a composite roof, he said he would need to come back with a higher ladder or different shoes. I haven't seen or heard back. I have been putting my lights out each morning but no one has come back. ALSO, I reminded him that last year, on the two high peaks, because of the composite roof, the lights fell several times, so they need to be secured at those peaks. Please have someone text me first thing in the morning the day they are coming so I can put out the year, if you would store them (as you do with my neighbor) that would be great. My phone number to text is 816-522-5649. Thank you. Ann Hansbrough
Contractor Notes:
We are canceling this job. It has a plastic roof and is too dangerous. The customer has her lights. Marcella informed her of this.

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Product: LED Lights
Service Detail ID: 891
Color: NWW
Quantity: 150
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