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Frequently Asked Questions

We install annually between October 1st and December 15th.

 All lights are taken down from January 2nd to February 15th (weather permitting) each year unless other arrangements have been made.  To request a different date, please use the Service Request link to make your request. Please note that ‘Special Install or Removal Dates’ will incur a $50 service fee.

Yes. For those customers who pay before August 15th and agree to install their lights during the month of October, we will apply a 10% discount to your bill.  To qualify for the discount, you must also agree to not request a special date during the month of October.

No. Customers must provide their own timers which can be purchased at local hardware stores.  If you use a timer with the lights we install, we ask that you remove it PRIOR to our removal of your lights. If we find a timer, we will leave the timer exactly where we found it.  We are not responsible for theft, loss, damage, or repair to your timers.

Yes. We offer free light storage to all customers.  We store all lights in our warehouse from the time we remove them until we install them again the following year.  During the time they are in storage we will make any repairs or changes that are required.  By storing customers’ lights, we can install and remove them the following year without requiring you to be present or for you to set them out and risk them being stolen.

No. If we lose them or damage them, we will replace or repair them.  If you store your own lights, we will not be responsible for any repairs that may be required when we install them the following season. Our warranty for your lights is perpetual as long as we are installing, removing and storing them.  IF YOU DO NOT WANT US TO STORE YOUR LIGHTS, please advise us via our website contact form PRIOR to January 1st.  After we remove your lights, we will leave them at your house. We will not be responsible should someone steal or damage them. Again, if you install with us the following year, you will be responsible for any costs associated with repairing or replacing the lights.  Our warranty ends when we remove them and leave them at your house. If we install, remove and store your lights, we will be responsible to warranty them.  Should anyone other than Bright Lights install, remove or store your lights, our warranty will not apply.

Yes. If a customer chooses to ‘SKIP’ having their lights installed for a year, we will continue to store and warranty them.  However, if the customer decides not to install for 2 years in a row, we will keep the lights and recycle them.

No. To collect your lights you will need to contact our office to arrange a time to pick up your lights.

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday.

No. Neither repairs nor installation will be performed after December 21st each year.  However, any necessary repair warranties will be done prior to installing your lights the following year.

PRIOR to installation, payment in full is required.  If you are a first-time customer, we will require a partial payment to get you placed on our schedule.  The balance will be due in full within 72 hours of installation.  If payment is not received within the 72 hours following installation, we will remove the lights and retain the deposit to help cover some of our expenses in building, installing and removing the lights.  If any renewing customer has a repair balance from a prior year, that balance must be paid in full along with the current year billed amount before you will be placed on our installation schedule.

Beginning in 2021 Bright Lights decided to stop selling, installing and servicing Incandescent lights.  There were many reasons.  Incandescent lights break very easily and burn out frequently.  Incandescent lights require much more electricity to burn than do LEDs. LEDs are safer to operate as well.

We have a link at the top of each page on our website to Service Request.  This is the absolute best way to request service as opposed to a phone call.  With an official service ticket submitted to us, your request is automatically placed in our database.  You will receive a return email confirming our receipt of your request.  Our CRM will notify us until your service request is completed.  If you decide to call instead of submitting a request in writing via our website, please be aware that voice messages and handwritten notes that are taken via phone can get lost accidentally.  The safest way to be certain your request is received is to click on the Service Request.

No. We ask that customers only request service if there are at least 3 bulbs out.

We suggest that you plug your lights in as soon after installation as possible.  Should you have any issues we ask that you click the Service Request link.  You can describe your issue and even upload pictures to help us resolve your concern.

The answer is normally we do not charge.  If your lights are not coming on or there are at least 3 bulbs out, there will probably not be a service charge.  However, if the cause of your repair is outside the scope of our service, there will be a $25 service charge assuming you are willing to wait until we schedule a day to do several repairs.  If you require immediate service, then the charge will be $50. Here is a partial list of some of the things that can damage your lights for which we cannot be held responsible and a service fee will be assessed: animals (dogs, cats, squirrels, etc.) chewing your wire or bulbs; customers who plug other electrical devices into the same outlet with the installed Christmas lights resulting in a blown fuse or breaker; any damage caused by the weather including, but not limited to, wind, rain, snow, sleet, ice, etc.; tree limbs; vandalism; theft.  Bright Lights is not responsible for clogged gutters, downspouts or underground pipes.  Each service call will be evaluated as to the cause and charges will either be assessed or not based on whether our installers were responsible. Additionally, the fee MUST be paid prior to the service call.

PAY BEFORE AUGUST 15TH! Allow us to install your lights in October (you are responsible for making sure that your HOA will allow early installation).  The weather has a bigger impact on our installation schedules as we get closer to Thanksgiving.  This year finding help is more challenging than ever. We will install hundreds of houses with lights this year.  Those who pay early will get the highest priority.

Each year we do our absolute best to install all our customers by Thanksgiving (unless they request it after).  We are 99% successful most years.  However, we ask that you understand that the weather may cause us to be a day or two late for a few customers.